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This book narrates the separate journeys of two people on opposite sides of the globe who somehow fought through their personal struggles and ended up together – and then ended up entertaining (and turning on…) the world.

Everything about Roman and Sharon is uncovered, from their personal histories to their relationship (in and out of bed), to their experience as YouTubers. Topics are wide ranging and include health and nutrition, sexual fitness, cross- cultural relationships, and more. This book may just inspire you, will definitely make you laugh, and will probably turn you on!

38 reviews for e-Book (480 NTD)

  1. Joseph

    Cant wait for it to come!!!

  2. Brian

    So looking forward to it.

  3. Matthew Yau

    Looking forward to receiving it ????

  4. Marijus Pocius

    This book is one of the best book about interracial couple comic life and more!

  5. kurt (verified owner)

    already buy..hope have big suprise for us

  6. Adam

    Cant wait !!

  7. Lenkuki

    I have never seen happy couple like you????????

  8. Ben

    Can’t wait for it.

  9. Dicky Ronaldo


  10. Taufik hidayat

    Best of the best

  11. Mhachan odyuo


  12. Alvin

    Looking forward for it

  13. Manish

    I want i am from india

  14. Beedassy

    very good

  15. Vishal


  16. Harsh



    Very good

  18. 08sobig (verified owner)


  19. Hamza (verified owner)

    Can not wait , I just order it

  20. Vincent (verified owner)

    when saw this at youtube faster pre-order..cant wait for it

  21. GK (verified owner)


  22. piero

    hope there is nakedness

  23. jD


  24. jefri


  25. haji saidin


  26. Solomon


  27. Mas Dedi

    Very Good

  28. Mohan ghale

    Very good

  29. Roland (verified owner)

    I like Sharon

  30. Emon Ri


  31. Emon Ri

    love you Roman and sharon

  32. Sand


  33. y soe

    I’m your big fun….

  34. Bob

    You two make me laugh. I don’t like the videos when you push Sharon but most of the rest. You should have a cable comedy show ????

  35. panji

    Nice e-book

  36. Arjun


  37. Habbuss


  38. Dev prakash

    Best couple ever seen

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